This is a temporary landing page to gather together all of my various web presences into a collection of links until I can design something a little more aesthetically pleasing..

You can follow me on Twitter, FaceBook and Flickr and keep up with my Wordpress blog via the links below.

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You can also checkout my wobbly videos on You Tube, starck on Last.fm and if you're feeling generous you could even buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist
You can buy my first two albums [Hyperreal And Supercool and Advanced Emotional Engineering] at Amazon MP3 or via the iTunes store as well as Napster, Rhapsody and eMusic. A third album will follow as soon as I have mixed it. The demos of Me++ are available to stream through Soundcloud.

My first book, Digitalia is collection of digitally abstracted photographs and is available from Blurb. A second book will be following soon called Random Features and will be a collection of random photographs [see the flickr badge on the right].

Prints and cards of the Digitalia images can be bought from Imagekind and T-Shirts are slowly becoming available through Spreadshirt.

Over the past few years I have remixed a few folk and you can hear those remixes hear. But what I would like is to get some remixes of my tunes from you. I have put the stems from Ctrl U up at Soundcloud so that you can download them and drop your remixes in my Drop Box below.

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T-Shirt designs is available from my Spreadshirt shop.
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